Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This photo shoot was of no real purpose, but merely for the sake of taking lovely pictures with cute outfits..

Julia wearing- tank-top: own; skirt: H&M

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Jumper: H&M; Belt: Pimky

Julia wearing- Mesh top: vintage; Cut-offs: vintage
Me (Yaiza) wearing- White floral tunic: vintage; Cut-offs: vintage

Julia wearing- Boots: Urban Outfitters

Julia wearing- Rings: Ardene & Vintage

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Rings: Gift & H&M; Belt: H&M; Nail Polish: Sally Hansen

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Shoes: Aldo 

Belt: H&M
Good lighting and light spirits are always wonderful to have when taking pictures, hope you enjoy them!

-xo Y&S

~Birthday Goodies~

Birthdays are just the best!! 

My lovely sister splurged on me with this bag which I adore and have been using almost every day since I've received it! I treated myself to the scarf and my sister bought for herself the nail polish. 

This bag is great because it can be worn with almost anything, although the strap is quite long when tightened to the maximum. Non the less, it gives you this great bohemian look. 

Same goes for the scarf, which I am constantly using as well, either in my hair or simply tied to my bags. Its so lovely and summer-y! 

I've gotten so many compliments on the nail polish, which suits a tan wonderfully, because of its pastel like colour. It looks great with all kinds of outfits! 

Thanks again for a wonderful birthday to all!

Bag: Cooperative; Nail Polish and Scarf; all Urban Outfitters

Bag: Cooperative; Nail Polish and Scarf; all Urban Outfitters

-xo Y&S