Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This photo shoot was of no real purpose, but merely for the sake of taking lovely pictures with cute outfits..

Julia wearing- tank-top: own; skirt: H&M

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Jumper: H&M; Belt: Pimky

Julia wearing- Mesh top: vintage; Cut-offs: vintage
Me (Yaiza) wearing- White floral tunic: vintage; Cut-offs: vintage

Julia wearing- Boots: Urban Outfitters

Julia wearing- Rings: Ardene & Vintage

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Rings: Gift & H&M; Belt: H&M; Nail Polish: Sally Hansen

Me (Yaiza) wearing- Shoes: Aldo 

Belt: H&M
Good lighting and light spirits are always wonderful to have when taking pictures, hope you enjoy them!

-xo Y&S


  1. i think that photoshoot had a real purpose and that was bringing a smile on each person who sees this :) love your content and everything you do. forever your fan.