Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Girl Crush -

Anyone say Chung?

 This is someone whose shoes I'd love to be in for one day if i could...

I think that I've found my new obsession: Alexa Chung. She is probably one of the best dressed women out there and I can't get enough of her! Her style is so simple, yet classy, and effortless-looking that she deffinatlely tops my list of 'it girls'.  

This british model turned designer (although she still models) now has her own collection for Madewell, does charity work and has hosted many TV shows and is bursting at the seems with passion for what she does. 

She is really the one to watch out for over the next few months!

Here are a few of my favourites of her: 



  1. I love what she' wearing in the first photo! the grey blazer is gorgeous!

  2. think she is a bit skinny for her height but otherwise I really love her style.

  3. she does look bony at times, its true. and yes, i adore her style as well!

  4. Huge girl crush!
    Love her individuality and unique style.
    Thanks so much for the great comments!!


  5. She's amazingg!!
    And no problem, my pleasure! (: